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Emily returned to Florida from New York after completing her Bachelors Degree in Biology at SUNY Stonybrook. She also has minors in Marine Science and Political Science.  Emily has extensive experience in the Veterinary field, along with practical experience in caring for all types of animals.  She garners as much knowledge as she can on topics related to the pet-sitting industry.  

Emily is partial to large breeds, as she is the owner of Rabbit, a pointer mix, Stoli, the pot-bellied pig and Whoa the Hairless Cat.  She also owns Sheldon and Shelly the Box Turtles, a variety of reptiles and amphibians, and a bunny.

Emily is the owner of Fur Nanny.

Pattie has worked in nearly all fields of animal care.  A veterinary technician by trade, she worked in the kennel at the Sarasota Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Section for 6 years handling a wide variety of animals including domestic pets as well as wildlife.  She has also worked for various veterinarians in Sarasota and North Carolina. Pattie's former charges include Beau, beloved rescue Weimariner who belonged to International Dog Show Judge Barbara Heller.  She has a combined total of over 27 years animal care experience.

A Sarasota native, Pattie lives with her 3 rescue dogs:  a Rat Terrier mix named Gordy, a Sheltie/Whippet mix named Louie, and a Chihuahua named MiMi. Also, at any given time, she usually has a visiting 4-legged (and sometimes 3-legged) family member visiting for a few days. 

Pattie is Fur Nanny's Regional Manager.

Born in Bradenton, Tonya has owned reptiles of all kinds and sizes, from as small as a Leopard Gecko (Seth) to as large as a 14' Burmese Python (Conan) and as rare as a Rhinoceros Iguana (Rizzo).   Since 2010, she has owned very playful and lovable rats (too many to list all the names) and 1 wild mouse named Lucky.  She gained a lot of experience by working in an exotic pet store, as well as volunteering at Sarasota Jungle Gardens. She says, "As far as pets go, I really have no favorites. I enjoy all species and breeds."

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