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We are committed to providing you with the best pet and home care possible.  In order to do this, we ask that you please read the following policies, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! Contact us and we will answer your questions or address your concerns or suggestions as soon as possible.

Last Policy update: April 21, 2017



õ   Please remember that you will be attesting to the fact that you have read, agree with, and will comply with the Policies set forth in this document.  Make sure you read them.

õ   Payment is due, in full, on the first day of service, unless specific arrangements have been made with Emily Morris.

õ   The initial consultation is no charge.  Repeat visits to reacquaint or update services are charged as a basic visit.

õ   ALL waivers/releases must be signed and in the possession of Fur Nanny, LLC, before service can begin.

õ   Please have 2 copies of your key at the initial consultation.  We will gladly make copies of your keys for you at a charge of $5.00 each.  Additional trips for key pick-up are charged $10.00 per trip.

õ   When you return, please call your sitter to confirm your return. 

õ   Please do not use Facebook messaging to confirm appointments.  You can use your client portalt to confirm appointments.

õ   Policies may change any time at the discretion of Fur Nanny, LLC, Management without notice.

õ   Alterations to the Policies set forth may be made by mutual agreement between The Client and Emily Morris.

We do not answer your home telephone when we are at your home.  If you need to contact your sitter for whatever reason while you are away, you must contact them through the client portal.  Remember that all appointments/scheduling must be made via the client portal.


Policies in Detail



õ   Cats must be seen a minimum of once daily

õ   Dogs must be seen a minimum of twice daily if you are absent from the residence for more than 24 hours. This may be an overnight visit only which includes a morning and evening walk.

õ   All boarding clients must be in good health and parasite free.

õ   All new Boarding Clients must have an in-home visit prior to leaving them in Contractors home.  Contractor has the right to refuse anyone service at their discretion.

õ   All policies are enforced at the discretion of Fur Nanny, LLC, and its Contractors.

õ   All cats and dogs must be currently vaccinated for rabies and possess a current county-issued rabies tag.  Animals which are medically exempt from the rabies vaccination should have a letter on hand from the exempting veterinarian certifying the animal’s medical condition and exemption from vaccination.

Initial Consultation

õ   For all new clients, we require a free initial consultation with you no less than one week before our first visit. This consultation lasts approximately 30 minutes.

õ   All forms and two sets of keys will be picked up at this time if they have not been previously submitted.

õ   If an additional trip is required for a practice visit, to reacquaint with a pet, meet a new pet, or any other reason, these trips will be charged at a rate equal to one basic visit.

õ   Key pick up will be charged at a rate of $10 each trip, beyond the initial visit.

õ   You will be given website log-in instructions when your initial consultation is scheduled.  Please log in at least 24 hours before the initial consultation to go over the information entered and to make any adjustments or amendments. Make sure you enter a response to EVERY question, even if it is “NA” or “Not Applicable.”


õ   Please provide two sets of keys. One will be kept as a backup and one will remain with your sitter.

õ   If you prefer that we enter your home through the garage, we will be happy to oblige, however, we will still require 1 copy of your door key.  If there is a power failure, or the battery in the code pad dies and we are unable to gain entry to your home, you will incur locksmith fees.

õ   If you are unable to make a copy of the keys, we can do that for you at a charge of $5.00 per key.

õ   Additional trips for key pickup and return will be charged at a rate of $10.

õ   You may opt to have your keys returned by mail at your own risk. They will be mailed via regular First Class mail – NOT certified or insured (no tracking).

õ   Keys that we are in possession of with no service within a two-year period of time will be disposed of.


õ   We strive to maintain consistency with your pets, and will try to accommodate requests for specific sitters; however, sometimes scheduling conflicts occur. For this reason, we cannot guarantee a specific sitter.

Reservations, cancellations and changes

õ   In order for our insurance and bonding coverage to remain in effect, all reservations must be made via e-mail FurNanny@live.com, or you can book your service online using your client portal.  Please do not contact your individual sitter directly.

õ   Please note your reservations are not confirmed until you receive an emailed reply. Please take a moment to review the confirmation carefully. If it is incorrect or your travel plans have changed, you must call us immediately so that we can make the necessary adjustments.


õ   Payment is to be made in full on the first day of service. We accept checks or cash.  Failure to make payment on the first day of service will be considered breach of contract, and you will be charged a late fee equal to 1 visit per day late.  Any deviation from this agreement must be made by speaking directly with Emily Morris.

õ   Gratuities may be left in cash, a separate check in your sitter’s name, or included in your total. Gratuities are never expected but always welcome. Your sitter will receive 100% of any gratuity.

Returned Check Fee

õ   There will be a charge of $45 on all returned checks


Holiday Charges

õ   There is an additional fee of $20.00 per day (not per visit) on each of the major holidays listed below:
New Year's Eve (December 31)

New Year's Day (January 1)
Easter Sunday (Day/Date varies)
Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)
Independence Day (July 4)
Labor Day (First Monday in September)
Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday in November)
Christmas Eve (December 24)
Christmas Day (December 25)

Services and Rates

õ   Prices are subject to change without prior notification.

õ   Please schedule accordingly.  If your pet’s care takes longer than the time we have scheduled for you, we will charge for an increased care level.  This allows us to avoid charging for multiple pets.

Cancellation Policy

õ   Your appointment time is reserved specifically for your pets.  If you cancel less than 48 hours before the start time of your appointment, you will be charged for ½ the total invoice of your reservation.

õ   If you return early from a trip, there will be no refunds, as this time was reserved specifically for you.

During our visit

õ   We will do our best to accommodate any special requests on arrival times; however, please be aware that visits may occur one hour before or after your requested time. 

õ   Sitters will use their best judgment regarding inclement weather, thunder storms, extreme heat or cold, sun exposure, etc.  For example, during the extreme heat of summer, walks may be shortened and indoor play time added.

õ   We will clean up pet accidents to the best of our ability, however if the situation calls for a professional cleaner we reserve the right to turn the situation over to the homeowner when they return.

õ   If you have valuable rugs, carpet, furniture, etc please leave special instructions on how to care for any incidents involving these items.

õ   If additional supplies are needed (determined by sitter), you will be responsible for reimbursement of any charges incurred.

Outside Animals

õ   If your pets are to be left outside (unattended), or have access to go outside at will (as with a pet door), please understand that neither Fur Nanny, LLC, or its sitters will be responsible for the care and safety of any animal that is in an uncontrolled environment.

õ   Inside/outside cats will be cared for per your instructions, but we cannot be responsible for the safety or welfare of cats that are free to roam.

õ   Dogs that have access to a fenced in yard may dig or seek escape routes.  While we will survey the fence line and yard at each visit, we cannot be responsible for the animal’s behavior in our absence.  If evidence of an escape attempt is visible, we will contact you immediately for alternative containment options.

õ   In the event your pet leaves your property and is impounded by Animal Services or other animal agency, we will notify you of the impoundment, and notify the impounding agency of the pet’s owner information.  Impoundment fees and any fines or other related expenses will be the owner’s responsibility.  If we are able to retrieve the animal for you without citations or written warnings being issued, we will be happy to do so, and full reimbursement plus pet taxi charges will be required upon your return. Neither Fur Nanny. LLC, or its sitters will accept citations or written warnings for animals impounded by Animal Services.


When you leave

õ   PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT ANSWER YOUR TELEPHONE.  If you need to reach your sitter, please use the Client Portal.

õ   Please leave a short itinerary with any additional contact information such as hotel name and phone number that we may not have on file.

õ   Please leave supplies out and labeled if there is any chance of confusion.

õ   We have your file, but notes are wonderful, they make the care of your pet more consistent with their normal routine, and help to avoid any confusion.



If a pet sitter is unable to obtain entrance into your home due to no fault of their own (i.e.: you change the locks on your home and forget to give us new keys), the pet or homeowner will be contacted first.  If a locksmith is required to gain entry to the home, the pet owner will be responsible for reimbursing the cost of a locksmith.


Upon Your Return

We ask for a confirmation call or text upon your return to insure that your pets receive continuity of care. Please note that not contacting your sitter may result in the sitter continuing to perform service on the previously set schedule, and you will be responsible for payment of these extra service visits.



We will never sell or give away any of your information, including personal contact information.  PLEASE NOTE that we will not discuss your travel plans, such as when you are coming home, your destination, etc., with anyone – including your neighbors.



õ   Fur Nanny, LLC, is not responsible for any damage caused by or to pets in our care as long we acted in a reasonable manner that is not fraudulent or negligent.

õ   Pet owners are responsible for any damage caused by pets to the sitter, other pets, the home or general public.

õ   Pet owners will pay the cost of medical attention for a pet sitter injured by or as a result of the animal in their care.

õ   Fur Nanny, LLC, cannot be held liable for any loss or damage occurring to pet or home if homeowner requests that doors or windows be left open or unlocked; if keys are hidden outside; if pets are left outside while no one is there; if anyone else has access to the house including but not limited to businesses (such as pool or lawn care), neighbors, friends and/or family.

Alterations to Owner Instructions

If there is a change in your instructions - ANY instructions - concerning the care of your pets and/or house, you are responsible for making these changes clear in your client/pet profile online.  This is particularly important in several situations:

  • If you move.
  • Alarm codes/procedures.
  • If your phone number changes.
  • Changes in email address.
  • Changes in diet or feeding procedures for your pet(s).
  • Medications to be administered to your pet(s).
  • Veterinarian of record.

If you do not have online access, be sure to contact Fur Nanny LLC, to notify us of changes, and leave instructions in writing.  We cannot and will not be liable to damages occurring due to a client failing to notify us of changes in procedures.


Emergency Veterinary Care

õ    Instructions will be followed in accordance with the instructions left on your Client Profile.

õ   Owner will be responsible for all charges incurred in the course of treatment.

õ   In addition, owner is responsible for contacting their veterinarian prior to client’s departure and informing them that Fur Nanny, LLC, is caring for the pet(s) and is authorized to seek medical attention for them.

Homeowners Emergency

õ   We will contact you first. In the event that you are unreachable, we will contact the people listed on your client information profile to appropriately handle the situation.

õ   If you do not leave any emergency contact information for home repairs, we will secure the home to the best of our ability to prevent further damage, and leave the situation for you to handle when you return.  If your pets cannot safely remain in your home, we will transport them to your veterinarian or chosen boarding facility, and you will be responsible for payment of these services on your return.  Please make sure you give us someone to call in case of a homeowner’s emergency!

õ   Any charges incurred will be homeowners’ responsibility and reimbursement will be due when you return.

Hurricane and Other Disaster Plan

Due to the nature of the weather in Florida, we request that you select from one of 3 options listed below. Please read all three options and select the one that best fits your situation.  Hurricane season runs from June to November of each year, but storms can form at other times. In the event that a hurricane watch or warning is issued, sitters will need to secure their own homes and possibly evacuate their own families and pets. But we will first secure clients’ homes and pets. We must take care of everything before a storm hits, because we will be unable to be on the road during a hurricane or tropical storm. Because we may not be able to reach clients before, during, or after a storm, we require each client to complete a form to plan ahead. If you have a Disaster Supply Kit prepared (and you should), please make sure your sitter knows its location and contents.

  In the event of an emergency we will follow the following procedures.  

1. We arrange for your Emergency Caretaker to take over (Best Option)

õ   We will secure your home to the best of our ability.

õ   We will contact your emergency caretaker and make arrangements for your Emergency Caretaker to access your pets.

õ   After the storm is over and roads are passable, we will check on your home to see if it’s inhabitable.

õ   If your home is inhabitable, we will contact your emergency caretaker and arrange for your pet to return home.

õ   We will continue with the scheduled care of your pets after the pets are returned.

õ   If your home is not safe for return, your pets will stay with your designated emergency caretaker (if they are able to keep them) until your return. 

õ   Charges will apply for each trip we make, but no charges from Fur Nanny, LLC, will apply while pets are with the emergency caretaker.  Extra charges may apply for any extended visit time necessary at your home prior to and after a storm.


 2. We Transport Pet to Vet or Boarding Facility

õ   We will secure your home to the best of our ability.

õ   We must have the most recent copy of your pet’s vaccination record.

õ   We will contact your vet or boarding facility and make arrangements to drop off your pet.

õ   We will transport your pet to your boarding facility for the duration of the storm.

õ   After the storm is over and roads are passable, we will check on your home to see if it’s inhabitable.

õ   If your home is inhabitable, we will contact your vet or boarding facility and arrange for pick up of your pet.

õ   We will transport your pet back to your home and will continue scheduled care.

õ   Charges will apply for each trip we make, but no charges from Fur Nanny, LLC, will apply while pets are at the facility. Extra charges may apply for any extended visit time necessary at your home prior to and after a storm.

õ   If your home is not safe for return, your pets will stay with the vet or boarding facility until your return.

õ   IMPORTANT: Please leave your credit card on file at the vet or boarding facility or make other payment arrangements with the facility ahead of time. We are unable to pay for everyone’s boarding and wait for reimbursement. Also, please confirm that they will be able to accommodate your pet in case of hurricane AND/OR evacuation (hurricanes category 1 – 5). Additionally, find out what they require (proof of vaccinations, crates, food, etc.), and ensure that this information is given to your petsitter.

 3. Pet Remains in Your Home

õ   We will secure your home to the best of our ability.

õ   We will secure your pet in a room or crate for the duration of the storm.

õ   After the storm is over and roads are passable, we will continue scheduled care.

õ   No charge for missed visits due to a weather event. Extra charges may apply for any extended visit time necessary at your home prior to and after a storm.

õ   No visits will be made during a storm. Please note that if a mandatory evacuation order is issued or if roads are closed or impassable, the pet sitter may not be able to return for an extended period of time.

õ   IMPORTANT: Please note that should any pets end up being taken in by or evacuated with a sitter (instead of one of the three choices), the pet owners will be responsible for ALL costs involved, including but not limited to vehicle rentals (if necessary to accommodate animals), supplies, lodging, meals, gas, and time.


Securing your home before you leave during hurricane season:

õ   If you are out of town, your pets are in our care, and a hurricane is approaching, sitters will only be able to do minor work, such as taking in small plants and items, and making sure windows and doors are locked. Please have friends, family, a handyman, or neighbors ready to go to your house on their own time to move large/heavy items and to board up doors and windows (if necessary). Fur Nanny, LLC, is not responsible for any damage done to your home by a hurricane or other natural or man-made disaster.

õ   Crates.  Each pet should have a crate/carrier large enough to stand and turn around in. Cat carriers should have enough room for a small litter box. Put bedding in the crate if your pet won’t ingest it. If possible, use masking or duct tape and an indelible marker to label the outside of each crate with pet’s name, type (dog/cat), your name, your address, your phone number, vet’s name and number, and any major medical problem, allergies, or personality issues (such as “Aggressive to men” or “Not kid friendly”).

õ   Disaster Supply Kit. The ASPCA, Red Cross, and Humane Society of the U.S. recommend that a disaster supply kit be prepared for your pets. It should be ready to go in an easy-to-carry duffle or watertight container.

õ   Here are some suggested items:

ö   Collar or harness with rabies and ID tags attached. Ideally, all dogs already will be wearing collars with ID tags

ö   Leashes for dogs

ö   Food and treats (plus manual can opener if necessary for canned food) to last 2 weeks. Remember there might be no refrigeration/electricity.

ö   Water to last 2 weeks

ö   Lightweight bowls

ö   Disposable cat litter box, scoop, and litter

ö   Paper towels, spray cleaner, trash bags, and baby wipes

ö   Pet first aid kit

ö   Place in a sealed zipper sandwich baggy inside the kit:

ö   Photo of EACH PET labeled on back with pet’s name & your contact info.

ö   Copy of most recent vaccination record for EACH PET

ö   Detailed instructions for EACH PET, including food, medications, and behavior problems – or, simply print & complete our Pet Information forms!

ö   Microchip ID # and company contact information

ö   Medication

ö   Pet sitter’s information as a backup contact.

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